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Holiday Gift Guide – Girly Edition: Fashion

It’s the holiday season again, thank god, an excuse to snuggle up under blankets, tie pretty bows and drink lots of hot chocolate! One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is spoiling all the important females in my life. Buying for women is an art-form, below I’ve created a list of fool-proof gifts to help you navigate the season and give gifts that will be remembered. In the second edition of the ladies 2011 gift guide I discuss gifts to get the fashionista in your life.

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Fall 2011 Fashion

It’s finally fall, the only time of year that you have the freedom to dress fashionably in the midwest. During the summer months I’m sweating in tank-tops and shorts, and once December hits I’m so bundled in scarves and giant coats I can hardly walk, but during the fall I can kind of dress the way I dream. I put together a fantasy fall outfit appropriate for class or the office. Read more for a description of the items and where you can get them.

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