Holiday Gift Guide – Girly Edition: Everything Else

It’s the holiday season again, thank god, an excuse to snuggle up under blankets, tie pretty bows and drink lots of hot chocolate! One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is spoiling all the important females in my life. Buying for women is an art-form, below I’ve created a list of fool-proof gifts to help you navigate the season and give gifts that will be remembered. This final edition is a general collection of goodies sure to please any girl.

One Line A Day Journal

If you can’t afford to get your girl a box from Tiffany, this Tiffany blue journal should do the trick. With a commitment to writing a few lines at the end of each night you could create a map of all the significant events in your life.

The coolest thing is that each page is laid out so that there’s one date on each page, but five years on the same page. So a single tiny page can show you how your life has progressed after five years.

One Line A Day Journal $11.34 at Amazon

Sterling Silver Deathly Hallows Ring

If you know a Harry Potter fan, she’ll love this ring, a sterling silver representation of the elder wand, the resurrection stone and the invisibility cloak. The ring is beautiful and feminine. It’s subtle enough to not be obnoxious but she’ll still have fun letting her nerd flag fly with this handmade ring.

Silver Deathly Hallows Ring $38.00 on Etsy

Candles By Victoria

Every girl loves candles, so why not get the best around. Candles by Victoria offers hand-poured candles with scent payoff more than anything you’ll find in the store. Candles by Victoria are triple scented, so you’ll be able to smell your candle as you move throughout your house, not just in the room that it’s burning. As if that’s not enough Victoria offers the widest selection of scents I’ve ever seen, including a wide range of candles that smell like popular perfumes. They even carry a smell-alike to my favorite scent of all time Marc Jacobs Daisy. Visit Victoria’s site to browse hundreds of scents to see what sounds good to you.

Candles by Victoria $8.50 per 9oz candle

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