Holiday Gift Guide – Girly Edition: Fashion

It’s the holiday season again, thank god, an excuse to snuggle up under blankets, tie pretty bows and drink lots of hot chocolate! One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is spoiling all the important females in my life. Buying for women is an art-form, below I’ve created a list of fool-proof gifts to help you navigate the season and give gifts that will be remembered. In the second edition of the ladies 2011 gift guide I discuss gifts to get the fashionista in your life.

JewelMint Goodies

This is going to be one of the most popular gifts among girls in the know. And why shouldn’t it be? JewelMint is a site designed by Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter. You complete a fun style profile then JewelMint suggests items they think you’ll die for. Best of all, the gifts you get your gals (or yourself) are going to be totally unique because JewelMint comes out with a new line of jewelry each month. Plus this stuff is good quality, it doesn’t feel like it’s going to snap in half the first time it gets tangled in your hair like every piece I have from Forever 21 does, plus each piece comes in a nice jewelry box, so it’s easy to wrap and you don’t look like a cheapskate! Each piece is $29.99, but there’s always coupon codes, including one to get 55% off your first order. Plus the jewelry is so cute! Any Mad Men fan would be delighted channeling Joan Holloway in the gold whistle necklace.

Even if you don’t order from JewelMint, take the style quiz. You click on the celebrities whose style you envy the most and it’s so fun to see what pieces they match you up with. Spoiler alert; it’s spooky accurate!

JewelMint Pieces $29.99

Classic Sweater

There’s something classic and maybe even a little romantic about getting a woman a classic sweater for Christmas. Particularly a sweater that’s such a beautiful color. This pine color makes my heart flutter, and it’s sure to make an impression on the lady in your life. Plus what gift is more practical and immediately useable in December than a cozy wool sweater?

Honeycomb Cable Sweater from J Crew $79.50

Style by Lauren Conrad

Your girlfriend loves Lauren Conrad. Her appeal is truly universal among females born 1988-1993. Conrad’s book is cute, full of pictures of Lauren in adorable outfits and has some really great practical tips on building a wardrobe. It’s a fun addition to any fashionista’s library, and particularly useful to those just about to enter the job market. Lauren breaks down all those confusing terms like “business-casual” and “business formal” and shows you simple ideas on how to dress appropriately, but still look your age.

Lauren Conrad Style $10.79 at Amazon

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